Odd Eye Kittens


Enter the beguiling realm of Odd-Eye Bambino cats, where a dash of mystery complements the enchanting allure of these unique feline companions.
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It is rare to find a cat with heterochromia. It is most common to find heterochromia in white cats. This is because of the gene that causes them to have their white coat can also prevent color pigmentation from reaching their eyes.

Heterochromia doesn’t have any impact on a cat’s ability to see, and it doesn’t seem to affect their hearing either.

There are definitely specific breeds that Heterochromia will be more frequent. It’s most popular within several breeds, including Sphynx cats, Van cat, Turkish Van, Turkish Angora, Persian, Oriental Shorthair, Japanese Bobtail and Khao Manee.

There’s never a guarantee I’ll have a kitten with odd eyes but since I have started that has been my goal to get a line started to have more consistent outcomes. I’m very close with the help of my Mentor who’s been breeding Sphynx for 25+ years. You’ll be the first to know when I succeed. ????????