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I am not just a breeder, I am also a Rescue for anyone who cannot care for their Sphynx. I have helped some inexperienced breeders out of jams where they were in over their head, and I have taken in a couple adults for various reasons but more times than not I generally don’t even have to take the adult rescues in because I work to facilitate their new home so they can go directly to their new home without being subject to all the bouncing around and uncertainty.

That being said, my Rescue Sphynx/elf/bambino kittens will be priced the same as my other kittens with the same guarantees as long as I have received all of the necessary paperwork and proof of parents HCM screenings/DNA testing. If they come to me without it then the prices will be much lower and my 4 year genetic health guarantee will not apply.

If you know of someone who is desperately trying to find a home for their hairless cat/kitten, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would be happy to help in anyway that I can. And if I can’t, then I have a network of amazing women who will make sure we find someone. Never take a Sphynx to a humane society. So far I haven’t seen one in our local shelters. But these cats are sought after so don’t surrender a Sphynx or any hairless breed of cat to the counties or you’ll never know if they are going to a home where the person is fully educated on how to care for them along with the required annual heart scans that are needed to ensure they live long healthy lives.