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Connecting for a Feline Friendship

I am here to answer your questions, share our passion, and assist you on your journey to adopting a Sphynx. Whether you’re seeking information, looking to adopt, or simply want to say hello, don’t hesitate to reach out. This platform along with my social media is where I create long lasting connections by growing my Naked Sphynxery Family. I do that by finding forever homes one Naked Sphynx at a time. Let’s embark on this magical Journey together by finding your purrfect companion.There’s no better journey than a Naked Sphynxery Journey. I look forward to hearing from you.

Working Hours

Let’s talk about my schedule, which, to be honest, is more like a symphony of chaos conducted by my three daughters and a trio of dogs (well, 2.5 dogs if we’re getting technical).

Task #1 – Feeding Frenzy:

It starts with feeding my human daughters three times a day (snacks are sacred, of course) and then it’s the Sphynx cats’ turn (twice a day, with treats because who can resist those faces?).

Task #2 – Litter Box Labyrinth:

Ah, the world of litter boxes! There are so many, and they need scooping. It’s like a never-ending dance of poop and scoop. And let’s not forget the cat butt wiping – nobody wants dingleberries on a hairless anything!

Task #3 – Eternal Cleanup:

My next adventure involves cleaning up after my 5-year-old, 6-year-old, 14-year-old humans (and occasionally my husband, who’s a pro at making messes). Plus, there’s the constant cat-related mess-making. Kittens have a knack for chaos, especially when they’re in “catch whoever’s near me” mode.

Task #4 – Bath Time:

Then it’s bath time for both my daughters and my Sphynx kitties. Baths for kittens happen about once a month, while adult Sphynx get a soak every 2-4 months, depending on their skin type. Trust me, it’s like organizing a mini-spa day for everyone.

Task #5 – The Dreaded Dishes and Laundry:

Finally, there are dishes and laundry. It’s the least favorite and most time-consuming task, but it must be done.

So, while I’m pretty much always nearby, I might not always be able to pick up the phone or respond to a text immediately. Rest assured, you are my top priority, squeezed in whenever I can throughout the day. Patience is appreciated, and I promise to give you my undivided attention, just like I do with my cats and kids.

The quickest way to reach me is through text on my cell. The next best option is to call and leave a voicemail – I’ll get back to you. If you prefer social media, shoot me a message on Facebook; it’s faster than Instagram, TikTok, or email.

And if you do email, give me a heads up on FB or text so it doesn’t get lost in the jungle of spam. Thanks for understanding the daily circus that is my life! 🎪😅😸